A leading company for cooling radiator for transformer
Radiators' stickers

A leading company in producing cooling radiator for transformer
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ISO DIN 50216-6
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Quality system certified ISO 9001 by TÜV SÜD

A partnership in the time... For the next generations...

Involved to our customers' success...

Involvement, recognition and motivation are the key words of Eurocooler.  They are the main qualities searched in all people who forms the teams of Eurocooler.

Proactivity, adaptibility are the main assets that keep us in touch with our customers.  And so, we are able to develop a real partnership with them and answer all their requests  with responsiveness and flexibility.

Communication is one of the basement of the management of Eurocooler.  That's one of the rules which does the success of Eurocooler and guarantees the best quality  during all the manufacuring process.
Products' quality and services' quality are our most important values.

Keep in touch with our Environment

Faced with the challenges of today and tomorrow, Eurocooler is engaged on the quality of  its products, the sustainability of its cooperation with the biggest.
TÜV-certified ISO 9001 guarantees to Eurocooler that processes comply with current standards.  Our traceability procedure ensures us a perfect identification of all components need  for the manufacture of our coolers.
Aware of environmental issues, we focused on the treatment of waste water and exhaust fumes,  the sorting of waste, and noise reduction. One of our devices allows us to optimize the management  of solvents and risky materials.
A new paintshop was built in 2010 to limit VOC emissions while ensuring an even better quality  of surface treatment.
Our goal is to lead Eurocooler to a global management system on Quality, Safety and Environment;  and so forward in line with a sustainable development policy

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