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Eurocooler is present in all sector of activity where a transformer is used.

Radiators For Power Transformers

The power transformers increase or decrease the level of voltage of an electric source in alternative current.
They are used in the stations of transmission, in the industrial plants connected to the high-voltage network, and at  the exit of the electric plants. We measure their power in megavolt-ampere (MVA).
Eurocooler is specialized for producing cooling radiators for power transformers, and particulary for very high-power.  We are able to realize radiators with a height of 3500 mm by 39 panels, that offers a cooling surface of near 155 mē per radiator.
SMIT's high-power transformer with Eurocooler's radiators - 01 SMIT's high-power transformer with Eurocooler's radiators - 02

Radiators For Distribution Transformers

The ditribution transformers, nearest to the consumer, are low-power transformers.
We measure their power in kilovolt-ampere (kVA).
The experience of Eurocooler on this sector is based on its reactivity and its flexibility, offering a large range  of cooling radiators responding to all environmental constraints. In particular, we propose to our customers,  the transformers' manufacturers, many coating systems adapted to all situations.
Moreover, the production line of Eurocooler are able to adjust radiators' dimensions according to the dimensions  of the place where the transformer is installed.  The reason is that radiators height can be adjusted from 800 mm to 3500 mm.
Winder Electrical - YEDL Transformer Refurbishment Project

Radiators For Traction Distribution Transformers

This special transformers are transported mostly on railroad wagons.
They are used to distribute energy in many case where mobility is need.
Eurocooler has its place in this environment with its capability to offer special equipments  like degraded type radiators.
CG Global's traction transformer with Eurocooler's degraded radiators

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