A leading company for cooling radiator for transformer
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Expert in cooling radiators' manufacturing

Eurocooler proposes a large range of cooling radiators for transformers.
Our know-how:

They are based on a technical culture particulary developped; and day by day, this long  experience guarantees Eurocooler : And so, we contribute to the branding of our customers.

By the flexibility of its production tool, Eurocooler gives an answer to any request in less than 48 hours.  Moreover, with a partnership contract, we guarantee the reservation of a capacity of production which brings  a shorter production time for all type of radiators, up to 4 weeks between the order and the dispatching.

One of the key factor to this success: Eurocooler is mastering the technics of packaging in accordance to the  international standards, for the delivery on earth, on sea, or by air. We deliver the radiators to factory or on site worldwide.

Eurocooler production process
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